Production flow

In the following we will show you how we work and how you can help to get your articles or your collection on the production line.

– Please read everything once carefully!

Production preparation

You send us all information, your first drafts and wishes via our order kickoff form. Please give us as much information as possible so that we can implement your product promptly and exactly according to your ideas.

We look through your data and discuss it within the team. Then we will contact you with any questions that may arise. This currently takes about 2 weeks.

You might ask any questions you may have and send us any missing or revised files.

When all the data is available and we have resolved all open questions, we create a product overview in the form of a draft for each article and send it to you for approval.

After receiving the product overview, you can release it to us for calculation. Based on the production overview, we create an offer for you in cooperation with our producers. After receiving the offer, you can release it for further action.

Now we are working out all the important documents for the producer, such as technical drawings, dimensions, distances, color ways, logo placements. (Duration: approx. 1-2 weeks) – 2 We will send the technical worksheets for your confirmation. You let us know if anything should be changed or if you are happy with the result. We will send our revision for approval.

After you have confirmed the changes to us, you will receive an invoice from us and prepay 50 % of the total costs.

We have worked a lot together so far and in the next step all components will be made especially for you, so now we need security from your side.

Start of the production

As soon as your money has reached our account, we will start working. We hand over your technical worksheets to the producer. Now fabric samples are created for you, to show you what the colors you want look like on your desired material. Colors can look different on the screen than on a cotton fabric. In addition, the first prototypes are made from fabrics from the warehouse, to show you the pattern of your item. You will receive your samples either by post in the original, or if you have to do it quickly, we can also send you everything as photos by email. You decide.

Now your fabric is made for the entire quantity of your article, the labels are made, the screens for your prints are set up or the films for the embroidery. Don’t worry, you will also receive samples from the labels in between and we will show you what the prints and embroidery look like before everything is reproduced. (approx. 2–4 weeks)

Now it’s your turn again. Please give us your feedback on the samples. It is common for things to sometimes not sit perfectly at this point or have been implemented exactly as you might have imagined, but that’s exactly why we do this elaborate sample process – so that everyone is happy in the end.

What does not fit will be made to fit! And if necessary, you will get new sample for confirmation. As soon as we have clarified everything together, the composition of all individual components starts. This process now takes 6 to 8 weeks. Your dyed fabric is cut, printed, embroidered, labeled according to your cutting specifications, the individual cut parts are sewn together.

During this process, we can send you individual articles out of production if necessary, so that you can e.g. You can take photoshoots with it.

After the completion of your articles and before shipping, you transfer the remaining amount of the invoice, including excess or shortage.

Your articles are now on their way to you.
(Delivery time: approx. 1–2 weeks)

If you are satisfied with your new clothes, you can of course order again at this point. Your documents will be archived with us for a certain time and can be called up again without having to start the whole development process again.

Let’s go!